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Animaps are perhaps the most exciting inovation on this website since they are able to illustrate the animated detailed sequences of biochemical reactions ocurring within the cell. The use of animation makes it possible to show the flow of reactants into the inside of enzymes where they align exactly with their active sites. These are usually charged amino acids or cations which are an integral part of the enzyme structure. This alignment of the reactant with the structurally positioned active sites explain the lock and key analogy with enzymes and substrates. Animation also makes it possible to show the detailed movements of bonds and electrons which are characteristic of biochemical reactions and hitherto generally illustrated as curly arrows in printed publications.

Select an animap from the list below.

Animaps: Table of Contents
Title Format
The Reactions of Glycolysis MP4
Pyruvate Dehydrogenase Complex MP4
The Citric Acid (TCA) Cycle MP4
The Membrane Respiratory Chain MP4
ATP Synthase MP4
Electrons & Protons in Energy Transfers MP4

We are grateful to Dr. Jason Chou for converting the animaps from Adobe Flash to MP4.

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